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Client FAQs

What is the timing of the recruitment process?

On average, it takes three to six months to place a healthcare professional in your facility. Sometimes, The Leap Network can place candidates quicker. 


It depends on a few factors, including:


  • The total job package


  • The competitiveness of the compensation


  • The demand for that particular healthcare professional's specialty


  • The appeal of your location


  • Your medical facility's work conditions

How much do your job recruitment services cost?

The Leap Network's fee for the placement of a healthcare professional varies. The fee is based on your qualifications, needs, and search difficulty. 


Candidate searches are free until The Leap Network places a candidate with you.

How do you promote client job opportunities?

The Leap Network will post your job opportunities on its website. We also share your job opportunities with vetted candidates. These will be candidates who match with the job opportunities you have available.


But, you are responsible for conducting a background check before hiring a candidate. We do our best to bring you the best candidate, but we encourage you to take this last step.

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